5 Wedding tips for a stress free day

5 Wedding planning tips. 

As a wedding magician one of the conversations I have with couples regular is about how daunting planning a wedding can be. With 100s of suppliers to choose from, different services you might need and not knowing how to take a standard wedding package and make it suit your style and vision it can be hard to know where to start. Over the years I have worked at 100s of weddings and helped countless couples make their big days run smooth and stress-free.  

Here are 5 tips to help you plan your dream wedding:

    • Set a budget: Before you start planning your day I would set a budget that you’re comfortable and happy with. This will help you make decisions about everything from the venue to the entertainment. *Top Tip* in the  National Wedding Survey 2022 couples on average spent 34% of their budget on Entertainment.
    • Start early: Planning a wedding takes a lot of time so I would recommend starting as early as possible. This will give you plenty of time to research vendors and make decisions without feeling rushed. Most suppliers are booked up on peak dates roughly a year or 18 months in advance. 

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  • Choose a theme: Choosing a specific theme for your wedding can help guide your decisions about everything from the invitations to the decor. Choose a theme that reflects your personality and style. I offer various packages that can be tailored to suit your big day. With my hosting packages I will make an entrance to the wedding meal. Imagine a wrestler coming out with an entrance to wrestle mania, your favourite football team coming out at the Champions league final . Why not have the same style entrance to your wedding? 
  • Be organised:  Keep track of all your wedding planning details in a planner or spreadsheet. This will make sure you stay on top of any deadlines and make sure everything is in order. I have below attached my “plan your wedding” sheet. This is a checklist sheet I provide to couples to help them stay on top of the planning, this will break down the wedding booking journey into important timeframes.
  • Don’t forget the entertainment: A wedding is a celebration, so don’t forget to include entertainment for your guests. Many couples will forget about there guests experience, there can often quiet points where the guests are hanging around. *Top Tip* have a imaginary walk through of your day from the point of view of a guest.

Magic host

    I hope the above tips have helped you with your wedding planning journey. With any couple who books me to perform or host at their special day I am more than happy to assist at any point of there wedding planning and help point them in the right direction  to make the wedding of your dreams without the stress and hassle. Happy planning!


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