Professional restaurant magician Steven Blair

So you would like to know how to increase the traffic and profit in your restaurant in Ayrshire, Glasgow or Kilmarnock?

Steven Blair may just hold the perfect answer. For years Restaurants have been booking close-up magicians to entertain their guests. Restaurant magicians are known for attracting repeat customers, and can add a fun, friendly atmosphere to your restaurant.

The benefits of a restaurant magician are that it makes your restaurant stand out from your competitors, and will also create word-of-mouth advertising for your establishment.

People very often return to your restaurant for two main reasons. First reason is because they really enjoyed the food. Second reason is they really liked the atmosphere of your restaurant. Steven can add something very magical to the atmosphere of your restaurant. People love to see magic, especially when it’s happening just a few inches away from them.

Live entertainment is always a great investment for your restaurant, but why would you choose magic? In comparison to music, magic can appeal to a wider variety of audience`s. While some forms of live music will appeal only to certain audiences and ages, Stevens magic can be performed for seniors, adults, professionals, teens, and even kids.

Ayrshire and Glasgow restaurant magician Steven Blair performing for a family

It can be a challenge to try and determine exactly what makes someone choose one restaurant over another. It just might be that little something extra that makes them enjoy your restaurant a bit more. The benefits of adding Steven to the entertainment budget of your restaurant guarantees that many people will cast a favourable eye in your direction due to the amount of value they are getting for their money.

Of course there are many other benefits to having Steven work his magic in your restaurant. In the rare event that something goes wrong in the kitchen and the food is delayed, a manager or a member of the wait staff can send Steven over to the table while the problem is being corrected with the guests not even knowing something has went wrong at all. It could be that the waitress is delayed in delivering the bill to a table. Steven can stop by the table and buy a few minutes and the guests will never recall that they had to wait a few additional moments for the bill. Steven can not only entertain the guests, but he is also the perfect solution for the everyday problems that arise in any busy restaurant.

Restaurant magician Steven Blair performing table side magic.

Having Steven on your team is the ideal way of honuoring people who come into the restaurant to celebrate their special day such as anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Steven can help extend personal greetings from your restaurant, and perhaps leave a special memento behind, making the guest feel that he or she was made extra special on their special day. This almost guarantees word-of-mouth advertising that money could never buy for your restaurant.

"The feedback we received from the day was that everyone had a great time "
Cora Cooper Events & PR Manager Buzzworks Holdings

Obviously, the most important role Steven can play in the running of your restaurant is by entertaining guests who are waiting for a table. Restaurants that have a really long wait do lose a certain percentage of those waiting. Some just give up waiting and leave. Steven can go into the waiting area and virtually make the time fly for guests who have not yet been seated by entertaining and amazing them with some magic.

So why exactly should I book Steven for my restaurant?

Steven can provide a unique entertainment that attracts new clients, generate repeat customers as people come back, usually with friends, to share the magical experience they had and generates free publicity with word-of mouth recommendations as people begin talking about the magic at your restaurant and this guarantees an increase in traffic. Steven can also act as a diversion for when meals are delayed. People who are really enjoying their dinner, a drink or even a cocktail will spend more money!

Steven`s magic provides a unique dining experience that will set you apart from the competition.

So if you think that Steven would be the ideal person to add to your restaurant’s team then all you have to do is do is click here and fill out the contact form to set up an appointment with Steven . In this appointment Steven will entertain your guests, FREE OF CHARGE, for 1 hour. This way you can see first-hand how your customers respond and how Steven`s magic improves and enhances their experience at your restaurant.

If you are still not convinced that Steven can help you to increase the traffic and profit your restaurant makes then contact him by clicking here and fill out the form with any questions or concerns you may still have then he will get back to you with a solution to your problem. Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to Steven directly about the event you are planning and how Steven’s magic can work at your event you can call Steven on this number. 07547 738815 (Calls answered between 9am and 9pm, 7 days a week)

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