A magician travels 500 miles for a wedding

One thing I enjoy about being a wedding magician is the paces I end up. I perform all over the country and will go to some great venues to work at various events including weddings. I never know where my career will take me next. 

Recently I was contacted by Lauren and Liam to come along and entertain at their weddings drinks reception. The wedding was taking place at The Busby Hotel. Very often I will end up at a venue regular over a course of a few months and then a while will pass till I am back the Busby is a perfect example of this.

The Busby is a great venue and the staff and events team are always great to work along side. I have performed countless weddings here over the years but for nearly 6 years I haven’t been here (covid partly to blame). The Busby is also the perfect venue for my half day and full day wedding packages.

I arrived at the hotel while the ceremony was taking place, the weather was typical February weather of rain, sun and can’t decide what kind of day its going to be. I stepped into the bar area and started to set up ready for the guests coming through from the ceremony.

It was at this point I noticed one of funniest welcome signs I had seen. This said “Welcome to Lauren’s wedding, featuring Liam”. I see a lot of welcome signs and normally it will say “Welcome to the wedding of” but this made me chuckle.

Once the ceremony had ended I started entertaining the guests. I was asked by the couple to entertain the guests while they had their photos taken. The couple had picked the amazing Lloyd Stevenson Photography to be their photographer. 

Once the guests were called through to the meal, the bridal party and the couple were having some quiet time in the bar. A lot of couples don’t realise that all day everyone wants to not only tell you how great you are, how beautiful the ceremony was but they also want to just stand and talk. Often this 10 minuets in the bar before the meal is the only quiet time the couple will get on their big day. 

I grabbed the couple and performed some magic for them. Including letting Lauren read Liams mind, a skill that will come in handy in married life. This was not only captured Lloyd but Erin from @yourdayunplugged was also on hand to create some amazing social media content for the couple. 

This was such a fun wedding and I really enjoyed myself. I had a chuckle at the welcome sign but not only that the bride walked down the aisle to an amazing cover version of 500 miles from The Proclaimers. Believe it or not I actually traveled around 50o miles to get to this wedding, that’s maybe a story for another blog post.

A massive thank you to Lauren for having me as a part of her special day featuring Liam.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I really love what I do and the memories I can help create.