A New Venue & a VIP Experience

One of the best things about being a magician is I get to meet lots of great people and see some amazing venues. The last few months I have been to some newer venues I have never worked in before.

One of the weddings was held at Cairns farm Estate. Cairns farm is a beautiful country estate with a wedding venue attached. This is situated in a beautiful, hidden hillside location with waterside views. What impresses me about Cairns Farm is this is only half an hour from the centre of Edinburgh. The venue has only been open a few years as wedding venue and has a great mix of modern and rustic vibes. I love venues like this, you just walk in and instantly think WOW.

I was asked to perform magic and also be the host of the wedding of Devon and Ryan at Cairns Farm. This was my half day Emcee/host package.

The day started off with me arriving at 10am (after an hour and half drive in the pouring rain) and setting up my PA system and microphones to be used through the day. This was used to place background music and also for the speeches. After the ceremony had taken place I entertained the guests with close up magic in the bar area while the happy couple were away with Natalie Holt who was taking the important photos.

The perks of a stunning venue like Cairns Farm is not only can you take photos in the stunning grounds but if the lovely Scottish weather decides to turn sour then because of the lovely interior you are not short of choice for backdrops for your photos.

Prior to the meal I grabbed the couple and performed some magic for them. This was a intimate performance that I always give the couple. This is a great way to breakaway from the hustle and bustle of getting pulled left right and centre to say “Hello” to the great aunt they haven’t seen in 10 years, the cousin you haven’t met but only invited because you had to or even the girl who sits next to you at work and you only invited her thinking she wouldn’t have ever came.

This performance was captured by Natalie but also Dean Howie from Pinnacle Films was on hand to record the whole performance.

Once the performance was concluded I activated host mode and called the guests to be seated for dinner. Everyone took to their seats and I arranged the top table for the grand entrance. As part of a wedding emcee my job is to give the couple a VIP experience and one the ways I do that is by creating a custom entrance. Devon and Ryan picked a song to walk into the room and this allowed them to walk in like a superstar.

The introductions for the toptable started with the couples parents, Bridesmaids, ushers, then we had the Best man Adam and Maid of honour Ashley. Each group walked in to the amazing tune Freed from Desire from Gala, I do have to say the dance moves on show were both shocking and wonderful at the same time.

After that the full room was standing up for the arrival of the new Mr and Mrs Wilson. Once the cheering for the couple calmed down I took to the stage to perform some magic. This is a great way to warm up the room but more importantly the magic is used to calm the nerves of the people doing a big speech.

After the show I introduced each speech. These speeches were great, I had spoke to Devon and Ryan before the big day to plan the speeches and entrances but after hearing the speeches they really are a great and interesting couple.

This was a great wedding and I had so much fun meeting and performing for everyone. I wish the couple all the best for the future ahead. If you would like more information on how I can host your big day then fill out the form below.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I really love what I do and the memories I can help create.


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