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I have been a wedding magician in Glasgow and Ayrshire (mainly) for over 10 years (doing magic almost 25) and my approach has always been when I am booked for your wedding day I am not just another supplier who will turn up do the job, get paid and leave. I will very often leave a wedding friends with many of the guests. When you book me as your wedding magician my job isn’t just to turn up and do a few tricks, my job is to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere that sets the tone for the rest of the day ahead.

Some good friends of mine are couples who have had me as part of their wedding. Every wedding I am at I make sure I perform a special trick for the couple. This is why a lot of the photos on my website are of myself performing to the couple. I will give the couple a private performance of some tricks people have seen already and then I will end with a bespoke trick that is special just for the day.

Enough of how I can make your wedding more magical, if you want to find out more click below.

I’d like to tell you a story about a special moment and a real magic trick a couple performed on me…

On 11th June 2016 I was performing at Cartland Bridge Hotel for the wedding of Laura and Paul Welsh. I had met Laura and Paul at a wedding show about a year prior to this and we instantly formed a connection and the couple decided they couldn’t have a wedding without me.

This wedding was a bit different from my usual wedding. Normally I’ll entertain at the drinks reception after the ceremony up to the top table being seated. However for this wedding I was asked to entertain at the evening turn around. This is from the end of the meal right up to the first dance. I love performing at both parts of the day as they are both different experiences for me. That could be a totally different post.

Everything was going great and the guests were loving the magic and then just before the first dance I performed for the couple and they loved it. The bride and groom took to the floor for their first dance and I headed home buzzing from a great evening. The couple were delighted and around a week after the wedding they emailed the below feedback:

“You added such a unique touch to our evening and all the guests just loved your magic!
I thought it was funny watching you impress even the most cynical of guests, watching the look of “aye right” turn into a look of shock and awe! Absolutely perfect entertainment for mid wedding celebrations.”

Paul and Laura Welsh

During my routine I gave them a special gift which was a playing card that done impossible things. I popped this in a plastic sleeve (similar to the ones you probably kept your shiny and rare Pokémon cards in when you were a kid) and I said to the couple “take a photo of this in a magical place and send me it”. This was a line I’d use at every wedding and often got sent photos of the card in silly places. It was after this wedding I never said it again because what happened next was so beautiful.

About 2 months later I got a message from Laura that said “ we have attached a couple of pictures of the card you gave us ‘somewhere magical’.  Well in Thailand there’s plenty of wonderful places but we thought the ‘magic garden’ in Koh Samui was the perfect place.”


This is the best place a photo of the card could have been taken, the name of the place has a magic theme but more importantly it means a lot that a passing comment has connected with a couple so much that they made the effort to fly a playing card half way round the world just for a couple photos.

This story is one of my favourite from my career and I tell this story to every one. It just shows the memories that booking a close up magician for your big day can create.

If you are interested in creating memories from your big day that will last a life time then get in touch to discuss your big day.



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