A wedding Story – Boclair House Glasgow

Recently I was at the lovely Boclair house for the wedding of Ross and Teirnie Taggart. This was a great afternoon, guests were entertained with close up magic as the happy couple were away getting their photos taken from Canvas and Peach studios

I take huge pride in making sure I leave your event with everyone smiling. On your wedding day it is important that the couple are entertained. This allows them a few moments to relax. 

At every wedding the couple is being pulled left right and centre to do things. Everything from saying “Hello” to the great aunt they haven’t seen in 10 years too checking the room has been set up properly for the ceremony. The wedding day should be about celebrating your love and having those who mean something to you both around. 

This is one of the many reasons I will alway grab the couple and give them an intimate performance on their big day. 

One highlight of the day came from when I was performing for Barry. Barry was at a group of around 6 people and I approached them and introduced myself and could see Barry was loving the idea of seeing some magic. As the show came to the big finish he turned to the camera (that was filming me) and said “I am shocked, that’s amazing”. I have shared this video on my social media pages if you’d like to watch it. This was really funny and after when I watched the video back it reminded me of something you’d see in a comedy sketch show. The video looked like a sketch where the actor would break the fourth wall and speak to the audience. 

Photo from Canvas and Peach

Just after the guests were called to dinner I pulled the new Mr and MRs Taggart aside and performed a short show. This included 3 tricks, one everyone had seen, one that created special photos for them to laugh at after the day was over and one that gave them an impossible souvenir to take home to remember the special moments I created on their big day. While Ross and Terrine watched Cheryl and Heather from Canvas and Peach Studios were laughing away and capturing some amazing photos.

Boclair house is a great place for a wedding, the red sandstone Gothic Tudor mansion built in 1890 has so much character and charm you actually forget you are next to the Hillfoot train station and yards from an Asda in the heart of the north of Glasgow. 

A few weeks after the wedding I received an email from Teirnie thanking me for the great service and being a part of her and Ross’s big day. Hearing things like this makes all the miles traveling up and down the country and long days worth the work. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I really love what I do and the memories I can help create. 

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