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Working on the fly is a lecture that is not full of ground breaking, knuckle busting magic tricks you will practice alone in your bed room. It is however full of simple, practical working material, sprinkled with advice that the professionals often keep to themselves. The lecture consists of tricks that have served me really well over the past few years.


Hypnotic trance: a powerhouse of a card trick hitting so hard they will feel like they have been in the ring with Mike Tyson
Birthday trick: a special way to honour a birthday person.
Card in sharpie: a throw away routine that everyone is talking about.
Sponge balls: an all killer no filler sponge ball routine.

Also during the lecture Steven will also cover such subjects as:-

How to approach a group- the correct way to approach a group and never be rejected.
What wrestling can teach magicians – combining 2 geeky concepts to improve your magic.
Working on the fly – The Real meaning of the title.
Bits of business – what you SHOULD do minus the tricks.

What are people saying?

“Working on the fly” provides an insight into the thinking behind Steven’s magic, which links closely to performance methods in the world of WWE wrestling. There’s some great real world tips in here for performers or those just getting started.”
Kev Gregson (creator of Cube Cards)

“It’s a great set of lecture notes that has more than magic, it has tips for the working professional that everyone should take on board”
Simon South

“Steven has some wonderful ideas and concepts. His direct planned approach is suitable for magicians of all levels, hobbyists to professionals.”
Jasz Vegas (star of BBC 3`s killer magic)

“I’ve read these notes, some gold dust in there. Honestly, looking forward to the next installment but given the depth in here, im sure tat will be another couple of years.”
Steve Rowe

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Digital copy – this is a PDF copy of the notes written in 2016

lockdown Bundle – this is a PDF copy of the notes written in 2016 and also includes a copy of a video Steven shared during lockdown teaching some of the effects from the notes plus some bonus ideas. An hour and a half video packed with amazing tricks and working professional tips.

What are people saying about the lecture?


“You’ve got great advice for someone who wants to start doing gigs.” Mark Elsdon

“Some good advice there, good solid worker tricks.” Chris Congreve

“Brilliant mate, and I love the wrestling link with magic. There some fantastic effects too” Gary Jones

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