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Steven Blair – Professional Troon Magician

Are you looking for a professional Magician in the area of Troon? Well you have come to the right place Steven Blair is a full time professional close up magician performing at various events in and around the Troon area. Steven can build a show for any event of any size in the Troon area whether it`s a wedding or even just a family get together. It can be done! With a combination of magic, illusions and comedy, Steven will be sure to make your event one to remember for years to come.

So who exactly is this Steven Blair guy?

Steven really doesn`t like to speak about himself in the third person.

Born and raised in Kilmarnock, Scotland, Steven discovered his passion for magic at a young age when he got a magic set for Christmas from his parents. He quickly practiced and mastered the tricks in the set and started to show what he had learned to anyone who would watch. This was when Steven first discovered his passion for magic. At the age of 10, he performed for the first time in public at a talent show in Kilmarnock and won the grand prize of £5. Since then, Steven`s love for the art has only grown, quickly getting him a reputation among friends and fellow magicians as a very entertaining performer.

Steven has since developed his own unique style of performance. The magic is not about him, but it`s about the audience and creating an unforgettable magic moment for them. His goal is to ensure everyone has a great time at whatever venue he is performing in, from a family party to a big corporate event. Steven has put together many shows and can even customize a show for your event with your specification and goals in mind.

How do I check Steven`s availability for an event in Troon?

Well if you think Steven Blair is ideal for your next event in Troon then all you have to do is click here and fill out the simple contact form and Steven will get back to you.

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“Steven is a talented and charismatic performer who can make your event the most talked about until you have him back next year!”