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According to a survey in Brides Magazine and The Knot - a Magazine for: The Association for Wedding Professionals International, When asked; 81% of wedding guests said that the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment and whether or not they had a good time. In the same survey 72% of all brides said that they wished they had spent more time choosing their reception entertainment. Again 78% of Brides said if they were to get married again they would make the entertainment their highest priority. Lastly almost 99% said that they would have preferred it if they had spent more of their budget on the entertainment.

If you are considering hiring a wedding magician, then here are some frequently asked questions Steven is often asked from clients who are seeking to hire a wedding magician.

Q: Where are you based?
Steven Blair currently lives in Kilmarnock, Scotland but he serves Ayrshire and the rest of Scotland.

Q: What do you charge?
Pricing for professional entertainment such as magic, is based upon several different factors. Accurate pricing cannot be given until Steven has been informed a little about your event, some information should include: The type of performance you require, The location of the wedding, The number of guests attending the event, A suitable length of performance time, And if there are any special requests. Click here to contact Steven for a quote.

Steven blair Scottish Close up magician performing at a wedding in Glasgow area, Loch Lomond, Cameron House Hotel

Q: I found another magician who’s cheaper. Why shouldn’t I go with them?
You should expect to get what you pay for. Steven's pricing is fair and affordable. At the same time, he is a professional entertainer and his rates are on par with other quality magicians. If another magician is offering you an hour long show for ten Pounds or some other ridiculous price, consider your options. You don't want to be disappointed and neither do your guests. Especially on your special day.

Q: What is your tipping policy?
For booked events, Steven will not hassle or ask your guests for tips. They are your guests, and Steven feels that they do not need to pay for the entertainment. If offered a tip, Steven will politely turn it down. However, if the tipper persists, Steven will accept the tip to keep from offending the guest. Denying a tip can be viewed as a very rude gesture.

Q: I have over 100 people attending the event. Will you be able to entertain all of my guests?
If you are planning on having more than 100 guests at your wedding, Steven may not be able to entertain everyone. However he can organise other magicians of a similar calibre for such an occasion.

Wedding magician Steven performing for a group at an event

Q: When is the best time for close-up magic to be performed at a wedding?
There are a number of times Steven can entertain throughout your wedding. The only time where Steven can`t entertain is when there is a lot of loud music. Steven can also perform his 30 minute cabaret show as part of the entertainment. For more information on Steven`s stage show click here.  However from Steven`s previous experience, the most effective times to have a display close-up magic at a wedding are as follows:

- Whilst the photos are being taken
The Photographs are traditionally taken immediately after the ceremony. Many guests are not involved with the majority of the photos, and this can often mean a couple of hours before the meal where people have nothing to do. This makes for an ideal time for Steven to perform! Steven will mingle amongst the guests and perform some close-up magic designed to break the ice that will keep them entertained and put them at ease whilst the bride and groom are taken away for the all-important wedding photos. This type of magic is also the perfect ice-breaker for those who may not know each other yet as this is probably the first time some of the family members will have ever met.

- After dinner
It is possible for Steven to entertain your guests before, after or during the meal at their table, performing his amazing table magic for everyone to see. The entertainment begins during the meal as Steven visits each table working in between courses. He will astonish you and your guests with his close-up magic until the start of the speeches or the coffee is served.

Steven blair Scottish Close up magician performing at a wedding in Glasgow area, Loch Lomond, Cameron House Hotel

- During the evening reception
Another great time for Steven to “work his magic” is at the start of the evening reception as the guests begin to arrive for an hour or two before people start there ‘horrific dancing’. This is the perfect time as the music isn’t yet under way and people may be standing around awkwardly and looking for someone they know to chat to. Close-up magic is the perfect way to break the ice and to get people who wouldn`t normally speak to each other chatting. Close-up wedding magic doesn't really work that well if you are planning on having a loud DJ at the same time. A lot of close up magic relies on interaction from the audience and your guests need to hear what the magician is saying to fully appreciate what is happening.

Q: What types of tricks do you do?
For close-up wedding magic, all the magic is revolved around ordinary objects which Steven either brings with him or borrows. It’s impossible to list all of the objects Steven can do tricks with here, but a good majority of the tricks you will see use cards, coins, rubber bands, pens, napkins, rings, bank notes and business cards, the list is endless. Steven tries to add variety to his performances so that one group will see tricks performed using several different objects. Of course, all borrowed objects are of course returned.

Q: What can we expect Steven to wear for a wedding magic show?
Steven prefers to dress one step above what most people will be wearing at the event. Normally this means a suit and tie, although if the event is less formal, he may dress slightly more casually. Steven takes pride in his very professional approach to his work, and likes to dress the part. Of course, Steven will consider requests for alternative attire such as fancy dress.

Q: What are the space requirements?
Close-up wedding Magic requires no stage because Steven will be mingling among your guests; he also doesn’t need any type of microphone or special lighting. He will adapt his performances to what your venue has to offer.

Q: Close-up magic sounds ideal for my wedding what should I do now?
Well if you think close-up magic is ideal for your wedding all you have to do is click here and fill out the contact form providing as much information as you can such as type of performance, location, number of people attending the event, length of performance, and any special requests. Steven will then get back to you with a quote within 24 hours. Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to Steven directly about the event you are planning and how Steven’s magic can work at your event you can call Steven on this number. 07547 738815 (Calls answered between 9am and 9pm, 7 days a week)

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