Wedding stress – How I will make it easier

One of the things I love about performing at weddings is meeting the guests and knowing they are entertained while the couple are busy.

Any wedding day is busy for the couple, with the pressure of getting ready and going down the aisle, getting photos taken and your friends, family and loved ones wanting to tell you how beautiful you look. This can be an exciting and overwhelming day.


When planning your day always schedule in time away from the guests and suppliers to just sit and have some time to yourself. Most wedding venues will have a room/space you and your new husband/wife can sit and chill out for a few minuets.

This morning I was just speaking to a couple who has booked me to entertain at their wedding in a few weeks time and one of the things that the bride said was “when planning my day I didn’t know where to start”.

I totally understand how stressful planning any wedding is This is why when I am invited along to any wedding I will provide the couple with a full day run sheet. This run sheet breaks down your day into small segments, lets you know who is where and when. Meaning you have a workflow for your day and can see exactly what/who is missing where and when.

Feel free to download this below:

One question I get asked is “What if my wedding runs late, will you still get round my guests?”. This is why with any package you book I do not set an exact time on how long I will be there for. Having worked at over 1000 weddings I know they can run late (record at moment is 6 hours late – long story behind that one so don’t panic). I only ever take one booking a day, this means if your wedding runs late I do not need to rush off anywhere else.

I know ant wedding can be stressful and the couple have asked me to come along and do some magic so this means they love magic. At every wedding I attend I always make sure the couple also get to see some magic. During the day we will grab a quiet corner, have a chat with them and perform a special trick for the newly married couple that gives them an impossible souvenir.

I hope you find my wedding runsheet helpful during your wedding planning. If youd like to find out more on how you can have the ULTIMATE VIP TREATMENT on your wedding day then get in touch using the form below.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I really love what I do and the memories I can help create.

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