When you know you just know

Over the 15 years I have been performing at weddings I have meet so many amazing and interesting people. On occasion I will arrive at a wedding and I just know its going to be so much fun.

Recently I was at Glenbervie House & Country Estate in Larbert for the wedding of Debbie and Craig. I arrived early and got ready to entertain the guests. During this time I met with Craig the wedding co-ordinator and introduced my self to the staff. I even performed a trick for some the staff. Just as the ceremony finished I met Debbie and Craig for the first time, this was when I knew.

The couple were laughing, joking, smiling and just having a great time. I knew if the couple are like this their friends and family will also have similar personalities and this always makes any event I perform at more fun and I wasn’t wrong.

As the couple were away getting photos taken from Tommy from Tommy Hamilton Photography. I was in the bar area entertaining the guests. This is a great time to have myself entertain your guests because it will create the illusion (Pun not intended) that the guests are getting attention from you but also will help the time pass. Meaning they won’t be sat in the bar checking their watch thinking “when am I getting my dinner”.

After I had mingled with some of the guests I bumped into Craig from AeroPixel Scotland Ltd who was capturing the day in video. I spoke to him and he followed me around for a little bit capturing the amazing reactions from the guests.

Once I had finished entertaining the guests I grabbed the couple and performed some magic for them. Which even featured an appearance from the singer Ed Sheeran. Tommy and Craig captured the reactions beautifully but I think Tommy may have enjoyed the magic a little to much because I could hear him saying “wow” and “what!” a few times from behind the camera. The couple were left with a personalised, magical and impossible souvenir that they could take home.

After I was finished I headed to the car and met Dan who I know as PIPERDAN. He had just finished piping the top table into the room for the meal. Weather was lovely and we spent ages standing chatting.

Overall I had an absolute fantastic time performing at this wedding. Everyone was enjoying their self, the weather was perfect, Glenbervie is beautiful, the staff are lovely and the other suppliers were all happy to work as a team and give this amazing couple the best day we could.

If you would be interested to see how I can make your special day that little bit more magical then complete the form below and I would be delighted to speak about your day and how we can work together to make it even more magical.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I really love what I do and the memories I can help create.


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