Why you need a wedding Host/Master of Ceremonies on your big day

As well as being a wedding magician who performs at drinks receptions as an ice breaker, over the years I have been also providing couples with my hosting packages where they are booking me as their Master of Ceremonies. 

Booking a wedding MC, or Master of Ceremonies, is important for several reasons and below is some major reasons why considering a host is the perfect solution for any wedding.

Keeps the flow of the event: A wedding host helps to ensure that the event runs smoothly and sticks to the schedule. A host will keep track of the timings and make sure that everything is happening in the correct order, from the wedding ceremony right through to the reception. 

Magic host

Manages the crowd: The host will act as the point person for the guests. The host will be the point of contact between the couple and the venue where they will be guiding the guests to their seats, announcing the wedding party in to the meal, and keeping them informed about what’s happening throughout the day. 


Creates a fun and engaging atmosphere: A skilled wedding host can keep the energy level high and the guests engaged, making sure that everyone is having a good time. This is why a magical host would be ideal as they are experienced with creating a fun atmosphere.

*Top Tip* Try and have a warm up prior to the speeches, this allows everyone to relax including the ones who will have to do a big speech. 

Handles unexpected situations: Unfortunately no matter how much planning is in place (for tips on planning visit this post I done last week), unexpected situations can arise during any wedding, such as a delay or a technical difficulty. A good MC can handle these situations smoothly and professionally, without causing any disruptions to the event. This is the benefit of a magician and host as I can be adaptable, mingle and interact with the guests and this creates the illusion that the time flys.

Overall, booking a wedding host is important because they play a vital role in ensuring that the wedding is a well-organised, fun and memorable event for everyone.


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